Ayurveda. 5,000-year-old wisdom alive in USA 2020.

Developed thousands of years ago in India, Ayurveda is literally the science of plants. It is a practice that helps people achieve optimal health so they can live a fulfilled life.

These roots and herbs have been used for thousands of years but now they are enjoying a renaissance today. We’re honored to be able to introduce Ayurvedic healing traditions through the life-changing properties of our drinks and other products.

The mind/body link.

The health of the mind and body are closely linked. The mind has great potential to heal the body. For example, if you meditate, your mind will achieve a sense of restfulness and as a result your stress levels and blood pressure may decrease.

How to live healthier.

Eat a colorful diet.

Consume a diet mostly of fruits and vegetables.

Strengthen your digestive power.

Eat slowly and intentionally.

Get plenty of sleep.

This empowers the body to heal itself.

Listen to your body.

If your body sends a distress signal, change your activity.

Know your dosha.

By identifying your mind/body type, or your dosha, you can create a lifestyle that supports your mind/body type. There are many resources online that can help you determine your dosha type. The three dosha’s are:




They are based on the 5 elements of Ayurveda:






Golden Tiger is founded on Ayurveda principles. All our products are in alignment with Ayurveda to make it easy for you to incorporate more wellness into your everyday, simply by choosing Golden Tiger.